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WOLLEX W168 Enjoy Battery Powered Wheelchair has a 2x450W motor feature and a fully independent suspension chassis suitable for different terrain conditions.

Thanks to the chassis length and the advantage of being a large wheel, there is easy maneuverability in the interior.


SKU: TAS0005


    • Enjoy Wollex Fully independent suspension chassis and 2X450W engine 
    • Safe and superior with independent suspension chassis for outdoor use in different terrain conditions 
    • provides road holding.
    • It offers great maneuverability with the advantage of chassis length and large wheels in indoor use.
    • Head support is optional.
    • It does not slide backwards when stopping on uphill climbs, nor does it slide down when going downhill. It provides the driver with full and reliable control, as well as making him feel safe at every level of driving.

      The seat is ergonomically designed and has a backward tilt function. Thus, the driver rests himself in different positions without getting tired of sitting in the same environment all the time, and can prevent cramps or different contractions and tensions...

    • Details: 


      • WOLLEX Enjoy wheelchair with wheel function Designed for indoor and outdoor use. 
      • Comfortable back and sitting mattress with head support, motor-controlled back, sitting (tilt) and foot angle adjustment feature, removable and height-adjustable armrests, calf support, height-adjustable removable legs, can be used on the right and left.
      • PG Drivers Joystick, VR2 distributor, 1-13 km speed control, 
      • Audible warning, illuminated charge indicator, led illumination, approximately 40 km driving distance with full charge, 12° climbing angle, anti-rollback balance wheel, 
      • It is a battery powered wheelchair that provides comfortable driving with its 10'' air front wheel, 16'' rear air wheel and flexible suspension features.
      • BATTERY: 55 A 12 V *  Maintenance Free Battery
      • MOTOR: 450 W 24 V * 2 Pieces Motor
      • JOYSTICK: PG Drives Joystick and VR2 dispenser
      • Seating Width: 46cm
      • Outer Width: 62cm
      • Total Height: 116 cm
      • Length: 115cm
      • Carrying Capacity: 160Kg
      • Item Weight: 68Kg
    • Wollex w168 enjoy power wheelchairOur  model is covered by the Supplier Company Warranty as a 2-Year Product and 10-Year Spare Parts warranty.
    • From the moment the product is delivered, you can send the product back to us within 5 working days with the contracted cargo company of our company, without paying the cargo fee, within 5 working days of any problem related to the warranty scope.
    • In case of any problem during the warranty period, you must contact us and report the problem. With the instructions of our technicians in our technical team, the priority option will be directed to you, our nearest service. If this process takes a long time, as another option, if the product or the defective area is any removable part of the chair, that part will be requested to be shipped to us.
    • In case of sending any product or part other than our contracted cargo, the cargo fee belongs to the customer. Please contact us for address and other information before sending the products. This is an opportunity we offer you as a service procedure in accordance with the distance sales contract.
    • If the product is defective, you can return it within 30 days. In case of unjustified returns due to distance sales, the Cargo Fee belongs to the customer.


    We deliver the Wollex W168 Enjoy Powered Wheelchair to you with free shipping and 24 months warranty!

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